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We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience in dance. In the artistic context, we aim to provide opportunity for students to express ideas and feelings in symbolic movement, thereby developing students’ imagination and creativity. As a social activity we aim to provide students with a chance to appreciate a variety of culturally diverse dance genres. As well as developing physical skills in performance, we aim to contribute to the social, spiritual emotional moral and cultural education by building communication skills, confidence and self-esteem. 

We intend to do this through three distinct disciplines

  • Composing dance
  • Performing dance
  • Appreciating dance

The dance department has some excellent facilities and benefits from several dance studios, the large Community Theatre based within the School, a full working stage within the Bourne Hall.


Key Stage 3 Curriculum

The aim of the course is to provide students with a thorough grounding in dance so that students learn to respond creatively and imaginatively through movement, thereby developing physical skills and confidence in creating, performing and appreciating dance. 

In Year 7 and 8 students have one single period per week. Students study a variety of dance styles and genres such as contemporary, hip hop, parkour and Africa Dance. These are taught via schemes of work focusing on exciting stimuli as a starting point to practical activities that engage students’ creative performance and evaluative processes. 

In Year 9 the aim of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of dance and to understand the key features of being part of a professional dance company. Students will improve their overall production and preparation skills through the process of rehearsal and performing to an audience.


Key Stage 4 Curriculum

GCSE Dance allows students to develop their creative and performance skills as well as appreciating professional works. In addition, they are able to develop fundamental skills such as communication, problem solving, teamwork, enterprise and creative thinking all of which are valued when applying for further education. Students who choose this course are also invited to take part in many performance opportunities, charity events and community projects.

In year 10 and 11, students have one single and one double dance lesson per week. Students develop their contemporary dance technique and their choreography skills based on a variety of themes. In support of this they also study other dance techniques such as hip hop, ballet and African dance.

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Key Stage 5 Curriculum

Level BTEC is studied in years 12 and 13. Students are provided with the opportunity to develop skills and understanding in ballet, contemporary, jazz, African, and urban techniques. Many of the projects undertaken enable students to work creatively and collaboratively in choreographing and creating performance material.  Sixth form students are also provided with opportunities to see a variety of live performances and take part in professional dance workshops.

All of the practical work produced is then performed in the annual dance productions and taken to charity events. KS5 dance students are also invited to become dance leaders to run year 7 and 8 clubs and develop their own skills in directing groups and working towards performance projects.


Department Resources

Sittingbourne Community College has a fantastic set of studios with mirrors and sprung floors. The school also has a fully equipped performance space and an in house theatre to stage their annual dance productions.


Extra-Curricular Activities

The Dance Department provides an extensive list of extra-curricular activities. Dance leaders are selected to run year 7 and year 8 clubs to produce fun-filled dances. The school also runs a variety of companies including an all-male and all female company, a mixed ability dance company and mixed dance company.