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The English Department consists of a vibrant and thoroughly dedicated team of specialised and experienced teachers. Our lessons are designed to engage and stimulate thought, promoting inquisitive and independent learners. We are passionate in our aim to cultivate students’ skills, confidence and creativity across the three strands of the English curriculum – reading, writing and speaking and listening.

Years 7-9

During Key Stage 3, pupils study a range of topics from poetry, prose and plays. Pupils will focus on a variety of examples of literature and are prompted to form their own interpretations and discuss their ideas. They will also study various styles of writing and are introduced to a range of techniques which will help them write with fluency and accuracy. Furthermore, pupils are also encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills, helping them become confident speakers and considerate listeners.

Years 10-11

Pupils will study two GCSEs during Key Stage Four. English Language and English Literature.

English Language:
As one of the core subjects, the study of English has always been vital for every student. However, now more than ever, it is clear that students who are able to read and write to a good standard are more likely to be successful in other subjects. Achieving a good grade in English is imperative in securing students’ future prospects – all college and employment routes require an English GCSE grade 5 and above. 

At TSS, we use personalised teaching styles, ability setting, high quality lessons and targeted interventions to give every student the best possible chance of succeeding. It is our aim that by the end of Year 11, all students will be able to communicate fluently in spoken and written English, as well as being able to read with understanding and insight.

English Literature:
The study of English Literature is an excellent way for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of novels, plays and poems as well as exploring a range of spiritual, moral emotional and cultural topics. In the TSS English department, we love to make lessons more creative and provide opportunities for reading; imaginative writing, discussion, drama-based exploration as well as practising for the more focused exam-based questions. 

This course will include the study of a play by Shakespeare, a 19th Century novel, a modern drama and poems from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries so it will develop students’ familiarity with the English literary heritage and how literature has developed over time.

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