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Current information on Covid-19 - - Read More

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Current information on Covid-19


Important information for all parents and carers regarding school closure and keeping safe. (

REMOTE LEARNING (click the links below)

Letter to parents on remote learning 20-03-20

The Sittingbourne School parental guidance

The Sittingbourne School Student Guidance for Remote Learning


Click here: Urgent communication to parents-carers 20-03-20.pdf (Written 20 March 2020)


Click here: Letter from The Sittingbourne School with information for parents/carers on Year 10 and Year 9 closure (Written 18 March 2020)


Click here: Letter from The Sittingbourne School with information for parents/carers on Covid-19 (Written 18 March 2020)


Click here: Letter from The Sittingbourne School with information for parents/carers on Covid-19 (Written 13 March 2020)


Click here: Coronavirus information from Travelmasters


Further information from the Department of Education about the latest measures set out in the Government's coronavirus response 


How to wash your hands properly


One of the more obvious features of the COVID-19 outbreak is the pace at which any written update becomes out-of-date.  For that reason, I would refer you to the following sources:

COVID-19: guidance for education settings


Government Coronavirus Action Plan


Government Information for the Public


What you need to know about COVID-19


PHE website


World Health Organisation.  General information about COVID 19


A whole school vocabulary project


‘The Power of Words’: a whole school vocabulary project

At The Sittingbourne School, we are committed to preparing all our students for a successful future. A major factor in this is their ability to use and understand a wide range of vocabulary. Researchers at Oxford University Press found that students with a strong command of vocabulary cope better in lessons, gain higher qualifications and have better employment prospects after leaving school.






In order to broaden students’ vocabulary, and improve their ability to decode unfamiliar or more specialised vocabulary, we are increasing our focus on word roots. We know that 60% of the English language is drawn from Latin and Greek origins, a figure which is even higher in technical language. Understanding word roots, and the word families they belong to, makes unfamiliar vocabulary more accessible, whilst introducing students to the ‘hidden stories’ behind words. Recognising word roots helps our students develop deeper word knowledge, which, in turn, accelerates the growth of their vocabulary.

Over the next three terms, students will be introduced to two word roots a week, along with the subject specific vocabulary drawn from them. Students will be challenged to use the vocabulary creatively in tutor groups, with the best sentences shared across the school!

You can view the word roots here.  These will be updated each week:

Term / Week Root 1 and meaning Examples Root 2 and meaning Examples Best student sentence
3.1 photo - light photosynthesis; photosensitive inter - between intercept; interpret; international

The photocopiers and internet systems were only intermittently working due to a lack of interchangeable which would have fixed the the problem.

3.2 aqua - water aquarium; aqueduct; aquifer port - carry portly; export; reporter

I am currently building a portfolio of evidence to support my application for the role of aqua culturist, where I will be responsible for the cultivation, importation and exportation of live plants and fish across the globe.

3.3 lumen - light luminous; illuminate; luminescent contra - against contrast; controversy; contradict  
3.4 auto - self automate; autobiography; automatic trans - across transverse; translate; transportation  
3.5 sub - under submarine; subvert; submissive uni - one (same) uniform; unique; universe  
4.1 terra - earth terracotta; terrain; terrestrial sphere - ball spherical; atmoshpere; biosphere  
4.2 cent - hundred century; centipede; percentage audi - hear auditory; audience; auditorium  
4.3 hydro - water hydrate; hydroelectric; hydrophobia con - with consequence; converse; connection  
4.4 tri - three triumverate; tricycle; triangulate graph - draw photograph; graphic; biography  
4.5 leg - of the law legacy; illegal; legislate tele - far telescope; telepathy; television  
5.1 thermo - heat thermostat; thermometer; thermal cog - learn cognitive; cogent; recognition  
5.2 vis - see vision; invisible; visualise magna - great magnify; magnificent; magnanimous  
5.3 bi - two bias; bicycle; bilateral integer - whole integrate; integral; integrity  
5.4 spec - look inspector; spectacle; spectator dict - speak dictator; dictionary; predict  
5.5 geo - earth geography; geology; geode extra - outside extraterrestrial; extraordinary; extraction  

Please share our love of language with your children at home! Perhaps you have a fantastic sentence using the word roots of the week that you would like to contribute? Please contact Mr Andy Trigwell, the school’s Literacy Lead – with your ideas!


Democracy in Action


Democracy in action

The Sittingbourne School Election Hustings 2019

Our students enjoyed an exciting opportunity to partake in a TV-style election debate between Conservative MP, Gordon Henderson and Labour Councillor, Clive Johnson.  The debate took place in the community theatre on 5 December, just in time to get some first-hand understanding of the political landscape before the big election on the 12th.   The Swale candidates were put under pressure from the students who asked probing questions on the parties’ manifestos and how both would address issues important to them, such as climate change and Brexit.  The event was compered by Swale Academies Trust CEO, Jon Whitcombe, who commented on the exemplary manner in which our students are engaging with politics and expressing their thoughts and ideas on the future of the country.


Term Ends 18 December 2019 at 12.30pm


Bus companies have been made aware.  Taxi arrangements need to be changed by parents or guardians.


Uniform - FAQ


Following months of design and consultation, we are excited to launch our new uniform as The Sittingbourne School.

The school leaders and governing body have given a commitment to support families with the cost of this change to uniform. All current students have already been gifted their new ties, in line with our revised community structure. We are pleased to confirm that all existing students will also be gifted a blazer by the school, which will be distributed in the very last week of the summer term, beginning Monday 22nd July 2019. 

Why are we changing our uniform?
• To strengthen and build on the existing sense of pride, identity and community we have as being part of The Sittingbourne School.

• To modernise and consolidate our identity as part of the Swale Academies Trust.

What are the key changes?
• A dark, navy blue, tailored blazer with the new school logo embroidered on the top pocket.
• An official blue PE top with white shoulder detail, and matching navy blue sportswear.

How do we purchase the uniform?
• We are proud to support local businesses in the provision of our uniform.                   

• PE kit can be ordered online from Watermelon Workwear, whilst blazers and ties are available from Forsters, who have shops in both Sittingbourne and Sheerness town centres. 

What about new Year 7s?                                                                                                           

• All students will be expected to wear the new uniform from the start of term on Wednesday 28th August 2019
• Please do not purchase your ties until you have received a letter over the summer holidays confirming which community you will be joining

Links are provided below for both retailers as well as to the full uniform policy of the school, which we would encourage all students and their guardians to read. 




National Careers


National Careers and Apprenticeship Week. All lessons have focussed on careers this morning as our first "drop everything for careers" event is underway. Additional activities will follow this week. Careers Fair is Wednesday 13th March, 3pm till 4pm for all students and parents.


Careers Fair


Careers Fair.jpg


Sittingbourne Community College Archers (SCCA)


Sittingbourne Community College Archers (SCCA)

Date: 30 Jan 19

Success for Sittingbourne Community College Archers at National Championships and Kent Indoor Archery Championships

Following their success at the Junior Indoor National Championships held at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire in December Sittingbourne Community College Archers have yet again gone on to secure strong results at a county level.  At the Junior Nationals, the club secured a National Champion with Harry Stew winning the Barebow U18 section, followed closely by teammate Joseph Warner 2nd. Other credits went to Reece Attree, 2ndin U16 Longbow, Lara Green 2ndU16 ladies Longbow, Andrew Mead, 3rdin U16 Barebow and Patricia Irimie, 3rdin U16 ladies Barebow.  

On Sunday 27thJan 2019 members of SCCA Junior and Senior sections competed in the Kent County Championships at Homewood School in Tenterden, hosted by Ashford Archers.

Organised into age group, gender and bow type categories competitors shot an indoor ‘Portsmouth’ round consisting of 60 arrows at 20 Yards.

The club turned out the largest Junior section within the competition and was duly successful within the various different categories.

Adam Kenyon, Head coach, was very pleased with the result.  

He said, “This was an excellent competition result for the club as a whole and I am especially proud of the achievements of the juniors especially as for many this was their first competition using a new bow type.  Also with a number of juniors now competing in the adult sections for the first time they held their own coming in the top half of the field in some categories.  I would like to congratulate the whole team and thank the senior section for their support of the juniors. We are very much looking forward to the outdoor season and sending a team to the Junior Nationals in Lilleshall in July. ” 


Kent County Championships Roll of honour:

Junior Section:

Junior Longbow:

1stReece Attree 

2ndAmber Ashmore 

3rdLara Green 

4thLily Warner 


Junior Barebow:  

2ndPatricia Irimie


Senior Section:

Women’s Compound:

3rdSarah Drury


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