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Tel : 01795 472449 Email :


School Telephone: 01795 472449

Option 0 - Reception
Option 1 - Attendance Office Year 7-11
Option 2 - Year 11 Archer 
Option 3 - Aquila
Option 4 - Orion
Option 5 - Phoenix
Option 6 - Sixth Form Archer

Address: The Sittingbourne School, Swanstree Avenue, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 4NL

Office and General Enquiries


Office Manager:        Miss N Gambell

General Enquiries:      Office


Sixth Form

Telephone: 01795 411901



Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:                       Ms Y Peden

Deputy Headteacher:         Mr P Southall

                                               Ms J Lorman

                                               Mrs K Sapp

Trust Deputy Headteacher: Ms J Van Deelen

Assistant Headteacher English: Mr C Collins
Assistant Headteacher Humanities: Mr A Trigwell
Assistant Headteacher Maths: Mrs T Povey
Assistant Headteacher Sixth Form: Mrs J Noble
Assistant Headteacher Science: Ms K Box
Trust Deputy Headteacher French: Ms J Van Deelen
Head of Department Art: Mrs A Dengate
Head of Department Business: Miss L Johnston
Head of Department Dance: Miss A White
Head of Department PE: Mr S Kennett

Head of Department Music: Dr J Watson
Head of Department Technology: Mrs Y Green
Premises Manager: Mr M Cork




Aquila Community (blue tie)

Principal: Mr D Clarke (

Vice Principal: Mr R Dengate (

Vice Principal: Mrs C Hill (

PSM: Mr T Ayed (


Orion Community (green tie)

Principal: Mr J Crofskey (

Vice Principal: Mr A Ball (

PSM: Miss K Hilton (


Phoenix Community (red tie)

Principal: Mrs T Harvey (

Vice principal: Mrs D Mulhall (

PSM: Mr M Judd (


Archer Community

Archer Year 11 Lead: Miss S Catt (

Archer Year 11 Learning Leader: Miss L Allum (

Archer Year 11 PSM: Miss G Povey (


Archer Sixth Form Principal: Mrs J Noble (

Archer Sixth Form Vice Principal: Mr D Collins (

Archer Sixth Form Vice Principal: Mrs J Moir (

Archer Sixth Form PSM: Mr Mark Harvey (


Pupil Support

SENCO: Mrs. L. Jewiss