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Exam Board - Edexcel


The Ethics department is a small department with trained specialist teachers teaching GCSE. The department is expecting its second set of GCSE results come this summer, with students aiming for 70% A* - C grade, two years running

Years 7-9

KS3 students work form a specialised curriculum that encompasses PSHE, Citizenship and Religious Studies. The worldly and cultural topics students cover will prepare and shape their future.

Years 10-11

In year 10 students will build upon the skills and content they looked at during KS3, topics such as relationships, teenage pregnancy and careers. These will prepare our young students to blossom into adults.

Years 9 -11

During the course of the three years students will study a variety of topics; from crime and punishment, to living the Muslim life. Students have the opportunity to explore why religions do what they do and to offer their own ideas.
Students will learn the skills how to structure and answer basic and essay style questions with simple and effective strategies.

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